Who can offer me digital printing services?

There are lots of companies who are providing the large format digital printing services for everyone who ever needs it, if you want it in small format or large format digital printing. Printing Services’ Digital Print Centers are located throughout the Twin Cities campus to provide online printing services, copying, and specialty printing services in a convenient and cost-effective format. Our range of services has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of University departments. All it takes is an easy call, a quick click, or a short campus walk to have all of your digital printing and copying needs quickly completed by professional staff. Digital printing services You can do both black and white digital printing, as well as, color digital printing. Digital printing was designed for lower costs at small quantity runs. There is very little setup in digital printing when compared to offset printing. This reduces your setup costs and waste. Digital printing is a four-color printing process. Four colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are printed in tiny dots that when visually mixed together, create various colors. This, in addition to the different set-ups and settings on the machines from press-to-press, batch to batch and printer to printer, can produce a wide range of different color results. You can never be certain what you'll get.

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